Terms and Conditions



The ticket is non-transferable. The purchased ticket cannot be returned, exchanged, and the paid entry is not refundable. The ticket expires after leaving the event venue. The ticket is a security and any alteration or tampering is considered to be an unauthorized act, and will be reported to the relevant authority without notice, and will invalidate the ticket. Purchasing the ticket establishes a contractual relationship between the ticket holder and the organizer of the event. In the area designated for the event, the ticket holder is obliged to observe the operating rules, the instructions of the organizer and of the organizing service. The organizer is not responsible for damages caused to the property and health of visitors if they are caused by illegal or otherwise inappropriate conduct of the ticket holder or other persons present. In order to protect visitors and other persons participating in the event, the ticket holder is obliged to identify themselves properly in the venue of the event at a possible request from the organizing service by presenting an ID card, passport or other personal document. The organizer and other authorized persons reserve the right to record the event for the purpose of protecting persons and property. In the case of making photographic and other records during or in connection with the event, the owner of this ticket agrees to their use without any financial compensation. The organizer reserves the right to change the program of the event. If the event is cancelled, the organizer notifies no later than within ten (10) days the place of purchase of the ticket for a substitute date or way of returning the ticket. Refunds related to accommodation, transport costs, etc. are not provided. The ticket is intended only for the purpose of the event listed on the ticket. The ticket contains a unique number and a QR code, and these identification characters allow entering the venue only once and only for the first time. By purchasing the ticket and presenting it at the entrance to the venue, the ticket holder agrees to the binding instructions stated on the ticket, the instructions of the event organizer and the business terms and conditions of the event.